Russian Helicopters Holding Company (a part of Rostec State Corporation) organized the conference of potential suppliers of components for Ka-226T helicopter made in India.  The event took place within the scope of Aero India Show 2019 with more than 30 Indian industrial enterprises as participants.  Identifying the chain of local suppliers is a part of the project of setting up the production of Ka-226T helicopter in India. Russian Helicopters signed the Memorandums of understanding with Elcom, Valdel Advanced Technologies, Dynamatic Technologies, Integrated Helicopter Services and Bharat Forge. They are willing to supply blades, radiostations, landing gear and the elements of fuselage.

SCO: On 27-28 November 2018, an SCO Secretariat delegation led by Deputy Secretary-General Vladimir Potapenko took part in the Ministerial Conference on Afghanistan in Geneva. The major conference was attended by the leaders of Afghanistan and the foreign ministers of Russia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, as well as representatives of all countries and international organisations that took interest in the event.The SCO Secretariat delegation also took part in meetings with representatives of the UNWTO (World Tourism Organisation) and the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation) were held on the sidelines of the ministerial conference. The interest in further strengthening the cooperation between the UNWTO and the SCO by formalising bilateral relations was reiterated at a meeting with UNWTO Representative to the United Nations in Geneva Zoritsa Urosevic. During a meeting with Director of the FAO Liaison Office with the United Nations in Geneva.

SCO - UE: The high-level special event on the cooperation between the UN and the SCO was held in the ECOSOC Chamber at the UN Headquarters in New York. Kyrgyzstan chaired it . It brought together more than 100 representatives of the SCO family, as well as of interested UN member states and international organisations.

Mi-171A2 and Ansat helicopters, manufactured by the Russian Helicopters holding company (part of State Corporation Rostec), completed a demonstration tour of the countries of Southeast Asia. Attendees of Airshow China in Zhuhai, China, as well as potential customers from Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia, familiarized themselves with the capabilities of both aircraft. Full-scale demonstrations in these countries of the latest civil technology made it possible to reach specific agreements and create an extensive portfolio of orders for them. 

GRU: On November 22 news emerged that Igor Korobov, head of the Main Directorate of the General Staff (the military intelligence service more commonly known as the GRU), had passed away after a prolonged illness. First deputy vice admiral Igor Kostyukov was appointed acting head of the service. Russian media, even referring to their own sources unanimously assert that Kostyukov will eventually become Korobov’s official successor. What awaits Russia’s foreign intelligence service after Korobov’s death, and what should be known about its new director?Let’s start with a few important points. Firstly the GRU, much like any other secret service, is a conservative organisation which takes a dim view of any attempts at reform or significant reshuffles of personnel. Consequently, Korobov’s successor is a subordinate deemed close to his former boss, and one with a deep knowledge of military intelligence. Kostyukov served as deputy head of the GRU until the very last moment, and also stood in for Korobov when his illness got worse. Kostyukov also supervised the GRU’s activities in Syria, an issue so important to Vladimir Putin that dealing with it suggests regular contact with the Russian president. In 2017 he was awarded the Hero of Russia medal. As such the main goal of the Russian authorities here appears to be guaranteeing the continuity and stability of the GRU’s work.

Réunion du Conseil des chefs d'Etat de la CEI
Lors de la réunion en format restreint, les participants ont échangé des opinions sur les problèmes actuels de la CEI. Il a été décidé que la présidence de la CEI 2019 serait transmise au Turkménistan, la République du Tadjikistan et la République d’Ouzbékistan étant coprésidentes. Vladimir Poutine a souligné l’importance de la coopération au sein de la CEI dans les domaines politique, socioéconomique, humanitaire et sécuritaire. Il a souligné la nécessité d'étendre la pratique des paiements mutuels dans les monnaies nationales et a suggéré d'utiliser autant que possible le potentiel de l'accord de zone de libre-échange. Malgré la situation économique mondiale difficile, en janvier-juin 2018, le commerce au sein de la CEI a augmenté de près de 15% pour atteindre environ 85 milliards de dollars. Le président russe a également abordé des questions liées à la coordination des actions sur la scène internationale et les Nations Unies. 


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