Metal Expo 2012

Metal-Expo’2012, 18th International Industrial Exhibition. More than 700 companies from 35 world countries will exhibit the whole rage of ferrous and non-ferrous products, the most state-of-the-art equipment and modern technologies while more than 30 000 users of ferrous and non-ferrous products from various industries including construction, power and engineering complex, transportation and logistics, machine-building etc. will visit the event. This major event including the exhibition and a business forum will bring together leading steel producers, tubes and pipes manufacturers, non-ferrous metals processing plants, aluminium rolled products manufacturers, constructors, machine-builders, oil and gas producers as well as producers from many more industries. 18 segments of the steel industry will compliment 3 separate expositions including MetallStroyForum’2012, Exhibition for Steel Products and Structures for Construction, MetallurgMash’2012, Exhibition for Equipment and Technologies for Steel Industry and Metalworking, and MetallTransLogistik’2012, Exhibition for Transportation and Logistics for Mining and Metallurgical Complex. The business program of Metal-Expo’2012 will include more than 50 conferences, seminars and round table.

halls 69 and 75, The All-Russia Exhibition Cente Moscow - Russia